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NariVishwa “ Means women world the word itself describe about narivishwa, the concept narivishwa is to collect information about women, we are engage to collect information about creative and business women’s who engage themselves to build a beautiful world.Everyone know women is our mother, sister, wife, good friend’s, and she plays caring role in our life. we thought to support her to create her world with us. we strongly believe that everyone in this world will support our idea and thoughts to create a beautiful world.

The world is rolling around women, we thought a woman is the main energy where life starts, and only women can create a powerful and beautiful world.
we try to showing the world that how women will find the way of success and how they reach their goal.

we are create main categories related on most popular search and classified the business in that category where everyone can find the business women who is engaged that kind of business.

Our Mission:
To help women’s to build their own world with connecting narivishwa.
Through this web portal we are engage to search women’s who started their career, who finding to set their goal, and the women’s who are set their goal with struggle in her life journey. This collection gives other women to build their own world with the help of narivishwa.

What you can do with this portal
Anyone who visit this portal will help women’s to grow their business with share the information to others and support with direct purchase products or services through this portal.

You can find Interviews of women’s who are engaged to create their own world and help other to create their world.

Narivishwa initiative
Women’s economic empowerment is not a matter for government policy, the private sector, or social change alone. All have critical roles to play. This is why the artynest has launched the “Narivishwa” initiative, which seeks to connect one million women entrepreneurs to market by 2020.
Narivishwa offers a blueprint of 7 global actions to unlock markets for women and a platform for women entrepreneurs to connect to markets. This effort to bring about transformational change necessitates partnerships between and credible organisations to achieve a common goal: the economic empowerment of women.
Stakeholders ranging from financial institutions to research and multilateral organisations are called upon to collaborate with Narivishwa to expand opportunities for women entrepreneurs by making specific, actionable pledges:

  • To collect, analyse and disseminate data on women’s economic participation; sex disaggregated data will allow you to understand factors that drive the competitiveness of women owned businesses;
  • To create trade policies and agreements that enhance women’s participation in trade;
  • To empower women-owned businesses to participate in the public procurement spending;
  • To create corporate procurement programmes that embed diversity and inclusion in value chains; companies such as IKEA, Nestle and Accenture have introduced women-inclusive procurement policies;
  • To address supply side constraints that especially affects women-owned businesses;
  • To close the gap between men and women for accessing financial services;
  • To ensure legislative and administrative reforms guarantee women’s rights to ownership and control over resources.

The Narivishwa initiative is supported by a web and mobile websitelication. At Narivishwa women entrepreneurs are able to share information about their companies, to make them visible, expand networks, connect and internationalise.
Narivishwa also helps corporations to include more women entrepreneurs in their supply chains. Narivishwa provides women entrepreneurs across the world a unique platform to connect to markets!

Narivishwa works with partners to verify registered women entrepreneurs. What does it mean?
A growing number of credible organisations including SDI International, KAGIDER, PROMPERU, CAWEE and IWCA have already confirmed their place on the platform to verify women entrepreneurs that are members of their networks. This functionality will provide a form of reference for women entrepreneurs registered on the website, enhancing their credibility to potential business partners.

What does Narivishwa offer to women entrepreneurs?

  • Let the market know what their companies have to offer
  • Enables them to find new business and partnership opportunities
  • Matches them with companies that have complimentary interests
  • Narivishwa offers a place to create new business, in real time in a user-driven, dynamic and user friendly space. The website is based on internationally recognised business protocols. This is what is at the heart of the Narivishwa website!

What does Narivishwa offer the market?

  • Narivishwa helps companies to include more women entrepreneurs in their supply chains as part of diversity and inclusion commitments.
  • Enables them to find new business and partnership opportunities
  • Through a series of customized filters companies can identify women entrepreneurs that could meet their sourcing requirements. As a Narivishwa member, companies have full access to women entrepreneurs profiles and company information.
  • A pool of women entrepreneurs is ready to expand their networks and trade!

About Empowering Women to trade Programme
The purpose of the Empowering Women to trade Programme is to increase the economic benefits business women in developing countries derive from their participation in international trade with a focus on key objectives:

  • Increase the demand for goods and services supplied by women entrepreneurs
  • Build women entrepreneurs’ capacity;
  • Build the capacity of Trade & Investment Support Institutions to better service women clients;
  • Increase policy makers’ awareness of the potential represented by women entrepreneurs and raise awareness of related barriers hampering women entrepreneurs’ participation in international trade.
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