Saraswati Sanskrutik Manch

Mrs. Bhairavi Deshpande.

Mrs. Sumitri Phatak.

We are engage in performing “Mangala Gouri Khel”

Mangala Gowri Puja is dedicated to Goddess Gouri or Parvati. Since it is observed on Tuesday in the Shravana month, the Tuesdays in the month are also known as Shravana Maasa Mangalvar. Special pujas dedicated to Goddess Gowri is performed on the day and women dress up like a traditional married woman with all bangles, flowers and mangalsutra – symbolically indicating to Goddess Gowri that they want to be like this on all days.

We all are 15th members for this play, we perform 42 different plaing acts with in 1.30 hrs and donate all income to Charitable trust

Mrs. Bhairavi Deshpande:9403572035
Mrs. Sumitri Phatak:9422613306


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